Sr. Master Randy J. Lundberg


Sr. Master Lundberg has been studying Martial Arts for over 35 years with a background in Japanese and Korean arts.  Early in his studies he had a health condition that required him to adjust his training for a period of time.  Even after recommendations from his doctor to stop training, Master Lundberg overcame his condition with his hard work and dedicated training ethics that set the standards today.  Sr. Master Lundberg 7th Degree black belt in TaeKwonDo.  7th Degree black belt in Hapkido, from the Martial Arts Instructors Assoc. (MAIA).

Sr. Master Lundberg has dedicated his life to training young men and women to be the best they can be, not only in the martial arts, but in the community as well, including YES House.  Setting high standards for his student's mental and physical growth. 

Accomplishments of Sr. Master Lundberg:

  • 2001:  Inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame on September 1, 2002 as "Master Instructor of the Year"
  • 2007:  Developed the Martial Arts Instructors Association (MAIA) and the Michigan TaeKwonDo Instructors Assoc (MTIA)
  • 2007:  Became the first Sr Master Instructor (7th degree black belt) in the MAIA & MTIA
  • 2007:  Became the first President of the MAIA & MTIA